Vending experts for over 40 years
Lazzarin Cafè in automatic distribution offers a complete design, installation and assistance service. We guide the customer in choosing the right solution for catering through the analysis of their business reality. We offer the best coffee blends and quality products. The internal roasting allows us to offer our customers a certified coffee, with a wide range of blends, as well as a line of ORGANIC coffee. Our vending machines are monitored by telemetry control systems, which allow us to check and optimise the assistance and restocking service by sending data to our headquarters, with the possibility of remotely intervening on faults.
The cutting-edge technologies of the vending machines also allow quick and easy touch selections and a high degree of customisation, even in payment systems, which is possible via a smartphone, badge or app. Sustainability and environmental protection are values which we apply every day in our work and in our products. A tangible sign of our philosophy is the implementation of energy-saving technologies, to allow you to program the distributor’s activity at set times thanks to the built-in timer, with considerable savings. Our offer also includes a design service. Upon request from the customer, we create break corners with modular structures which guarantee the aesthetics and functionality of our service.
Large rentals
Over 50 people
Medium rentals
From 10 to 50 people
Small rentals
Up to 10 people