A diversified line of blends for every need

We offer high-quality blends in grains, paper pods and capsules . We provide different types of roasts which vary in aroma and taste. The skilful blending of coffees with different origins, the constant search for excellence and the guarantee of a high-quality offer are the elements which give life to Lazzarin Cafè products.

For the hospitality sector and for the home, we are committed to presenting our customers with products which are designed to meet every need and which make coffee the protagonist of every break time.

At Lazzarin Cafè we carry out the entire production process: we buy green coffee, roast Italian-style, select and blend the coffee with the most modern systems with high efficiency and consistency in quality to give life, with the best origins, to the authentic ITALIAN ESPRESSO.

Thanks to our know-how and constant investments, we guarantee the latest generation of technological packaging solutions for grain and ground lines and sustainability in packaging, guaranteeing a state-of-the-art product.

Lazzarin Cafè has long been involved in energy conversion from a Green perspective by integrating new production technologies with the more traditional ones; in the INDUSTRIA 4.0 system our choices are aimed at optimising all the company’s value creation processes.

We’re a reliable team. The growth of the company with great dynamism has allowed us to establish ourselves even in an international market. In fact, our coffee is sold via our importers on 4 continents, confirming that quality is our primary resource.