We set ourselves higher and higher goals to guarantee satisfaction and certainty of reliability to those who choose our company.

Our values of transparency, ethical commitment and sustainability are shared with our partners and applied every day in our activities with and for customers.

Lazzarin Cafè has long been involved in energy conversion from a Green perspective. We are integrating new production technologies with the more traditional ones following the INDUSTRIA 4.0 trend.

We are certified 100% CLEAN ENERGY, because the energy we use comes exclusively from Italian renewable sources produced by hydroelectric plants located in our Dolomites. The origin is certified and guaranteed by our Electricity System Operator, the first operator in Italy authorised to sell EKOenergy certified electric energy, the only pan-European certification for sustainable electricity.

The choice to collaborate with a reliable partner, which can give guarantees of energy traceability, follows a logical path linked to our company philosophy, attentive to the quality and Italian character of the product.

Through our choice, we also contribute to access to sustainable energy in developing countries. In fact, for each MWh sold, certified suppliers pay a contribution aimed at financing sustainable development and environmental redevelopment projects in the Global South, in order to limit the environmental impact of hydroelectric production as much as possible.

There is no lack of attention to the territory and local communities: we have, in fact, activated lasting collaborations with associations.

Associations linked to the spread of Espresso coffee culture:

Universo Treviso Basket

Nutribullet Treviso Basket

Imoco Volley

Assindustria Venetocentro

- We are council members of the Italy Coffee Roasters Group

- We are Founding Members of the Consortium for the Protection of Italian Espresso Coffee